5 Ways to Connect to Nature and Art in Spring

1. Find areas where flowers are beginning to bloom.

 This can be at gardens, forests or nature trails. Check your local area to see what special blooming events are happening and take a trip. If you are artistic, bring a canvas to paint or a camera.

2. Embrace a new outdoor hobby or sport.

Any outdoor hobby will do, as long as it gets you back outside. Months cramped inside, dealing with cold weather or simply being isolated can take a toll on physical and mental health. Try outdoor basketball, football, yoga or even just running if you haven't been as much. You can never go wrong with hiking either, just be respectful and careful about wildlife and bring plenty of water.

3. Take a quick trip.

For many, spring break is around this time or later for some. If you are in school, it can very. If you are not in school, but haven't traveled in a while, now is the time to do it. It doesn't have to be far; a "staycation" will do as well. Enjoy new scenery and nature you haven't seen whether local or not.

4. Do some spring cleaning.

Get down and dirty and clean your spaces. Open the windows, disinfect, add plants, whatever you have to do. If there is an area that has been particularly bad, focus on that first and gradually do the rest of your place. Air purifiers are helpful too, as they can help with your breathing.

5. Take an art class

If you are an artist, you may be self-taught and like to continue to learn. If you are not an artist yet or want to expand, take a class at a community college. Online courses or YouTube channels are okay, but it is not the same as having in-person instructors and classmates. You can learn from each other in real time and plan trips to practice. In my art class, we went to Balboa Park and checked out museums together. Happy Spring and be safe. - Brian