Art and Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As an artist and particularly a healing artist, there are a few ways that I spread awareness. For one, I find it important to be expressive. Not only does it help my internal difficulties, purpose, and passion, but it may inspire that in others.

Second, is it important to be present with whatever is happening. Though not easy, especially with so much to do, it is important to sit in the moment and cope with difficult feelings or thoughts in a healthy manner. The first instinct may be to run, hide or distract yourself.

Art has been shown to bring us not only closer to ourselves but closer to what is happening around us. My artwork uses evidence-based colors and themes to help reduce anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Art, whether it is photography, painting, sculpture, music or any other medium can increase activity in the "entire" brain as well. Using all of it is good to prevent cognitive or mental decline.

Even if you are not even artsy, you can try meditation, walking, journalling, and exercise to bring benefits as well. All of these can bring you closer to your "true self". For those who do love art, don't hesitate to take a look at my gallery, blog, social media sites, and even in-person at various sites around San Diego and World-Wide. So far my art has spread as far as China and India, with more coming to Doha, Qatar among many places. Thank you for continuing this journey with me. Art heals, unites and art inspires. - Brian