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As our community continues to shift with the changing tides of the pandemic, the importance of taking care of ourselves and helping each other remains a priority. Any type of change, whether you have a positive or negative view of it, can cause stress. Some changes we have no control over and can cause fear, while others are the result of achieving goals and desires, and inspire feelings of excitement. There is actually very little physiological difference between fear and excitement. Both trigger your hypothalamus, which controls your body’s stress response. Whenever any type of change is afoot, challenges are sure to follow.

The good news is that you can take pro-active measures to transitions you know are coming, and learn healthy responses to unexpected change. This issue of Epic North County Magazine offers advice and tips to reduce stress from a few different angles.

Breathwalking is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise that has been shown to be more effective at reducing stress than walking on its own. Learning to communicate effectively can create ease in all of your relationships, which can have a profound effect on your stress levels. Maintaining a healthy gut is linked to lower stress and a healthier immune system, while medicinal cannabis can address both physical and psychological stress.

Is the surfer in the stunning cover image of the May/June 2021 issue excited or scared? We may never know, but San Diego photographer Brian McClean said the surfer and his surfboard made it through that giant wave safely.

If you’re ready to incorporate more plant based foods into your diet, we have three delicious recipes featuring local in-season ingredients to get you started. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, try implementing some zero-waste kitchen tips to help you save money, support your local community, and show our planet some love.

This is the second anniversary issue of E.P.I.C. North County Magazine and we couldn’t have done it without you, our readers and advertisers. We hope to see you at our Epic Anniversary celebration in June. (Sign up for the Epic North County Magazine newsletter to stay in the know.) Our launch party was overflowing with support and good vibes and we are ready to continue celebrating the beauty of our community.

Join us in keeping North County strong by supporting our local non-profits and small businesses.Spending your money in your own neighborhood is one of the easiest and most effective ways to revitalize the local economy and empower your community to thrive. You can learn more about the power of your dollar to effect change in this issue’s B Corp article.

In Gratitude,

Virginia (E.P.I.C.)

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