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Brian McClean is a self-taught fine art photographer of extraordinary landscapes, coastal-scapes, nightscapes, and cityscapes. He is an exceptionally gifted artist who resides in San Diego California with an astonishing talent for creating emotionally moving photographs which take an individual on a sublime journey.

Brian McClean has always had a vivid imagination, a love for the arts, an eye for beauty. He did not know these characteristics would eventually lead to a career as a photographer, however. Growing up in Philadelphia, Brian initially wanted to be a basketball player, but a turn of events pointed him in a different direction. In June 2004, Brian enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. Throughout 12 years of active duty, Brian was a Presidential Honor Guardsman in the White House, an IT Specialist aboard a Coast Guard Cutter in Alaska and Bahrain, and lived in various cities to include Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

Artsy Shark Featured Artist Brian McClean

Photography began as a hobby to cope with stress, trauma, and other challenges throughout life and military service. Brian seeks to bring healing and relaxation art photography through sunset, coastal, landmark and nature captures. His work is printed on small standard prints and large vibrant wall art prints to hang in any space. Work is also printed on home décor and apparel.

The love of nature, keen eye, dynamism, and heart of Brian McClean has brought forth photography that awarded him Best Visual Artist and Photographer for Black San Diego Magazine and segments on ABC 10 News, Fox 5 San Diego, and CBS 8. Brian has also been featured in art consulting company Artsy Shark and has had work even published in China through the Healing Art Photography foundation.

Overall, the vision of McClean Photography is to provide healing art to every business, home, and hospital or space. 5% of all work sales are donated to

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