Brian McClean Healing of Art Honor of Nature Exhibition

We are pleased to present “The Healing Power of ART In Honor of Nature”, May 20 – July 20, 2021, with diverse and inspirational art by 75 artists from around the world.  The purpose of this exhibition is two fold: to promote extraordinary nature-inspired artists; and to raise awareness about the importance of  honoring, preserving and protecting our natural environment.  Through art, we can spread the word that nature and biodiversity need our attention. This exhibition will inspire positive change in that direction.

As the curator, I invited all professional artists around the world to submit art and a statement that relates to the theme “The Healing Power of ART In Honor of Nature”. The selection process was very challenging. The final selections rated highest in these areas: strongest relationship to the theme (reflected in the art and artist’s statement), level of thought-provoking and/or visceral impact; creative originality; and technical skills. I also visited the artists’ websites to learn more about them and their art.

Take Your Time! Enjoy viewing this important exhibition, reading the artists’ statements, and visiting the artists’ websites. And, before you leave, please write a comment and also visit our online gallery.

View Exhibition: