Brian McClean's Healing Art in New Veterans Affairs Clinic in Ocala, Florida

Today is a great day for me as I have been able to make one of my dreams a reality. I truly believe in the power of Healing Art and I believe our nation's veterans need it more than ever. I also believe other underserved communities and minorities deserve proper attention and care.

A new Veterans Affairs clinic recently opened in Ocala, Florida and it has some of my artwork on the walls. This is the first of hopefully many that I am part of. The clinic serves roughly 10,000 veterans in the area.

“Everything that was designed in this clinic from the pictures on the wall to the chairs that you see in the lobby to the medical equipment, were thought of with the Marion County veterans in mind. You’ll see things like a Florida theme in one hallway, the horse theme in another hallway, so we really tried to bring Marion County inside the building,” Program Support Specialist, Craig Pasanen said."

Life has never been perfect but I do my best to turn all my negative experiences into something positive and create art from it. I do not share these "small wins" to brag but to inspire, motivate and show that all things are possible.

I don't care if anyone calls me "crazy" or not. I guarantee if I dug into their personal lives I could say the same thing. If my transparency saves a life or prevents a suicide, then I will choose transparency a thousand times over.

Everyone deserves a second chance and healing is possible. It was never promised to be easy, however. Thanks for reading.