Grief and Art

By Lance Lucas

Grief is not the easiest part of life, but it is a part of life nonetheless. We all may experience, cope and deal with it in different ways. There is no one size fits all.
Recently I lost my cousin Devein aka Yng.cheese (rapper) to gun violence in Philadelphia. He is also the son of the prominent podcast Gillie Da King. Gun violence is one of the reasons I left Philadelphia for the Coast Guard and ultimately never looked back.
I have been processing the loss over the last couple of weeks. Honestly, I didn't handle it well initially and reverted to some destructive behaviors but also just spent time alone, resting, and going over my own life.
I was looking for the silver lining in what has been a frustrating problem for years in my life and the lives of many men, especially black men. We used to say we would be lucky to make it past 25. Devin died at 25, Tupac died at 25, Biggie Smalls died at 25 and even my friend recently experienced someone he knew die at just 23 from gun violence. I am 39, but I still don't even feel totally out of the clear.
Art usually is a way to help with this type of grief and just talking, getting into nature, and allowing yourself to feel the feelings. Art has proven to be able to provide comfort in grief and provide a safe place. I am back to making art and marketing again, after 2 weeks on the hiatus. Sometimes it is okay to do NOTHING at all. I am back now and I hope all is well with all of you.
Please take some time to look at some of my new products as well, such as pillows, magnets, stickers, and tote bags. Art doesn't have to be stuck on the wall, it can be brought in many places. Take care and I hope all of you having a great day. - Brian