Happy 2024! Time to Reflect and Grow


Get ready to kick-start the New Year with a splash of creativity and artwork! I hope you all are settled in, recovered and ready to tackle new goals. As for me, I am certainly going to take time to reflect on what changes need to be made this year while also understanding that everything cannot be done in one day, or even one year.

Patience, diligence, consistency, persistence, and faith are what I will focus on the most. It is also important to drop what is not serving me and find ways to serve others better (including myself). I had some not-so-great moments last year that I am not proud of contrasted with incredible accomplishments as well. Take the good with the bad and the ugly. Happy 2024. - Brian

To kick off I am offering 25% off my artwork as well. I added phone cases, and a few items to my shop. Take care.

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