Hike to Devil's Bridge in Sedona, Arizona

Top of Devil's Bridge in Sedona, AZ. It took me about 1:30 hours to get to the top. I got there extremely early to beat the morning rush. I initially got lost since it was so dark on Long Canyon Road. I passed the small parking lot in Mescal trail and ended up at a residential guard shack at 4:45am. The guard was able to tell me that I passed a small lot (which I did not see at all) and to turn around and look to my left.

After parking, It was too dark for me to start the trail. The flashlight on me was fairly bright, but I didn't have anything to hook it on securely. I took a few night shots and some day break landscapes with the mountains in the background. Once I began hiking the signs were very clear throughout the trail. It was also very calm, full of nature, and relatively challenging, particularly the last 15% of the trail or so. My flight was the same morning so I didn't have time to procrastinate too much or stop. On the way up I didn't see anyone until I got to the last leg of the trail. There is a part where you have to climb a cluster of steep rocks with your hands. I had my camera bag on so it wasn't fairly difficult, but can be done as long s you aren't afraid of heights and are open to using your hands.

When I got to the top, there was one couple that was coming down and another that had arrived on top about 15 minutes prior. I was able to get a clear shot once they left and enjoy the sunrise. About 30 minutes later there were about 15 people that showed up. More were coming as well by the time I left. My flight was at 8:59 and I had about a 50 minutes windy drive to the Flagstaff airport. I was surprisingly pretty drained after the hike but I was able to get to the airport around 8:00 am. This was one of the best hikes I have ever done. I recommend taking the Mescal Trailhead trail to Devils' Bridge Trailhead instead of the usual entrance on Dry Creek Road. That one gets very busy and it is a more dry and boring walk. Take a trip to Sedona, AZ today.

Taken on May 12, 2021.