Just What the Doctor Ordered

What if I told you that the arts may help with your depression, anxiety, loneliness, or lack of belonging? What if doctors prescribed art museum visits, drawing, painting, photography, or even nature as complimentary therapies to your standard treatment?

Also known as social prescribing, art prescribing is the idea that assigning people to art culture, nature, and social engagement can help them to heal from a variety of mental and emotional conditions. America in particular, doesn't have the greatest history of advocating for these types of "alternative" treatments, but there has been improvement. Recently, the National Endowment for the Arts has approved more funding to support the arts from a federal level, but increasingly more physicians, social workers, doctors, and mental health workers are leaning into the arts at local and state levels as well.

Tasha Golden, Ph.D. the Director of Research at the International Arts + Mind Lab wrote: "While “arts on prescription” is an emerging model in the U.S., early pilots show promising results. For example, the “CultureRx: Social Prescription Pilot” launched in Massachusetts in 2020, and it allows physicians, physical therapists, mental health therapists, and others to prescribe visits to local museums, theaters, zoos, parks, and art and dance studios. A 2023 evaluation showed that patients had overwhelmingly positive responses, often wanting to repeat the experience"

Incorporate art into your lifestyle today.