National Organizations for Arts in Health Membership!

I am dedicated to Arts in Health. I truly believe it can make a difference so I joined the National Organization for Arts in Health, NOAH provides transformational leadership to bring the field of arts in health together, and to move the field forward. Our focus is on the future of arts, health, and wellbeing; and creating tangible impact from our goals and initiatives.  We know through research and experience that the arts are an integral component of health, and we are committed to shaping a reality where that fact is accepted fully, and incorporated into medical treatment, medical education, prevention, and public health and wellbeing.

I will continue to be a voice, leader, and advocate for Arts in Health. I will continue to focus on vulnerable and underserved communities such as veterans and minority populations, however, everyone benefits. Thank you for staying with me on this journey. Look forward to well-researched information to make a positive impression on the individual and community at large. - Brian