Trauma Informed Design and Artwork

As a believer in the healing arts, I have ensured my artwork focuses on trauma-informed design. It also can apply to other issues surrounding mental health, relaxing, calm, and spirituality. Veterans specifically tend to have a higher rate of trauma just due to the nature of the job. 

I fully advocate for design that accelerates healing and provides an environment conducive to peace. The goal of this design concept is “to create spaces that are welcoming, demonstrate a safe environment, and provide some degree of privacy, while at the same time not interfering with staff’s need to monitor residents’ behavior.

Anne Maria Garcia of e4h Architecture also says: “Trauma-informed design incorporates the principles of trauma-informed care: empathy and understanding. It is an effective approach to designing spaces where trauma-experienced individuals may spend time, such as hospitals, Veterans Affairs facilities, behavioral health centers, and social service facilities. 

There is a great article written about healing over at Great American Art that can be read here:

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