World Art Day 2023

Today is World Art Day! According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO): "Art nurtures creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for all peoples across the globe and plays an important role in sharing knowledge and encouraging curiosity and dialogue.

These are qualities that art has always had, and will always have if we continue to support environments where artists and artistic freedom are promoted and protected. In this way, furthering the development of art also furthers our means to achieve a free and peaceful world."

We are in difficult times, make no mistake, but that does not mean there are not good times to be had, experiences to share and ways to still be grateful. Slow down, reflect, breath and engage in the arts.

Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it. From COVID to a recession to political and geopolitical turmoil, use this as an opportunity to grow, change perspective and ultimately come up with solutions.

Art heals, art unites, and art helps us communities come together. It can be a bit of a universal language that bypasses typical language barriers. What do you think about art? Are you an artist yourself? What do you enjoy creating?