Yoga and Mental Health By Brian McClean

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It is no secret that the world has changed drastically over the last few years. From the pandemic, natural disasters, inflation, leadership changes, layoffs and division within our country, many are seeking refuge, solace and peace through these challenges.

Where do we go, when there seems to be conflict and chaos everywhere?

Mental health diagnoses, therapy and medication prescriptions have skyrocketed in recent times. People are looking for alternative treatments, especially when traditional methods have failed them.
This is where yoga comes into play.

What is yoga, really? Is it just a class to burn fat and do cool poses or does it do serve a greater purpose? The research on yoga has grown extensively, and it looks promising.

Yoga has been shown to benefit mental health, manage stress, lower anxiety and increase self-worth and self-confidence. As a veteran and athlete, there is still the stigma that yoga is for "soft" people, but that is changing. Feedback from veterans has shown that they sleep better, concentrate and think more clearly, control anger and aggression more effectively and feel more emotional stability.

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